52 People: Carie Stock

By Marni Fedeyko, Cochrane Now


I have been blessed more than once to sit down with Carie Stock.

I was introduced to Carie a couple of year’s ago when I had the opportunity to interview five interesting Cochrane based artists and her story is one that resonates with me.

Some people have a tremendous gift of making people comfortable…like you’ve known them for year’s…and one of those people is 33 year old Carie. Infectious, inspiring, positive, and determined; to me she is unstoppable.

To understand her determination you would need to walk in her shoes. You see childhood memories for me include jumping through the sprinkler, riding my bike, and underducks at the park; while Carie’s include¬†doctors, hospital beds, and continuous check ups. Carie is a childhood cancer survivor. With only a 10% survival rate, Carie to this day turns life challenges and into positive life changing experiences. Although this extremely busy woman has little time personally for herself, Carie gives the gift of time to other families.