Bereavement Boxes

Thoughtful items to support a grieving parent

Help a Family Handle Heartbreak

Not every child diagnosed with cancer survives. Bereavement boxes are given to our Care Program families in the months after they have experienced this unimaginable loss. These boxes have specially curated items in them to support a grieving heart. They serve as a reminder to the families that they are not alone in their grief. We remember their child’s life, and we remember them in their most challenging days.

Bereavement boxes include

Research shows that in grief, communing with nature and intentionally acknowledging the person you have lost helps with the grief process. The boxes include two special picture books, “Carry You With Me,” written by local Calgary bereaved mother Alanna Knobben and “The Invisible String,” provided in memory of Penn the Brave.

Our Bereavement boxes also contain:

  • a candle with the child’s name
  • bath bombs to relax
  • a rubbing stone to help with anxiety
  • a hand-crafted tumbler in a hopeful rainbow design
  • items like birdseed and forget-me-not flower seeds
  • Finally, each box includes a food delivery gift card for those hard days when cooking a meal is just too much.

Each of the boxes contains items specially curated by local Calgary businesses that are female-identifying and/or Black Indigenous and Person of Color (BIPOC) owned.

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