Alex Duica

Board Chair

Law Student at the University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

Alex is a law student at the University of Alberta. Her history with this organization dates back to Junior High when her team won a $5,000 grant during a Youth Philanthropy Initiative competition. It was during this time that she had the chance to connect with a few cancer families and learn about the huge positive impact this charity makes, with simple acts like paying for a monthly hospital parking pass. To her, that was magic. She soon realized that the real magic at work was the love this charity and its supporters have for all the people they serve. Every bill paid, every parking pass and piece of medical equipment provided, is like an embrace for each family which lets them know that they are not alone on the daunting road ahead. Her mission as Chair of the organization is to amplify our “magic” and use it to help as many struggling cancer families as possible.


When her nose isn’t buried in a law book, you can find her cooking up the yummiest vegetarian meals or adventuring with her boyfriend Jesse and their sweet pups, Tiggy the Samoyed, and Laney the Chihuahua!