Mel Lefebvre

Coordinator- Events and Donations

Coordinator- Events and Donations

Calgary, Alberta


Mel Lefebvre is a passionate advocate for families facing the challenges of cancer. With a background in environmental science and journalism, she channels her skills into organizing events and fundraisers supporting those whose lives have been upended by this disease.

Mel’s dedication is deeply personal. Growing up, she witnessed her parents tirelessly advocating for her older sister, who lives with severe Autism. Additionally, Mel has experienced her own family’s battles with chronic illness. She is a bereaved mom to Henry, who had Osteogenesis Imperfecta. These experiences have fueled her commitment to helping others facing similar struggles.

Originally from Montreal, Mel now calls Calgary home, where she has poured her energy into making a difference. With a solid background in organizing events to raise awareness about poverty, climate change, equity for disabilities, and education, she is dedicated to driving positive change in her community.

Hobbies and interests:

Mel is an avid photographer and has had work featured in galleries across Southern Alberta. She also loves exploring the Rockies with her husband, two young kids, and dog. Sometimes, she will spontaneously decide to paint a rainbow pattern on a wall in her house, and she is also the type that will joyfully buy more books than she will ever read.