Calgary, Alberta

This family has three children; two younger boys and an older girl. Their middle child was recently diagnosed with Anaplastic Neuroblastoma after they noticed he wasn’t feeling well and had him examined by multiple doctors. At first they kept taking him to their family doctor only to be sent home each time with no diagnosis, but his symptoms got progressively worse. He began losing weight, getting extremely tired and wasn’t holding down his food, and finally, after a visit to emergency they were sadly told that he has a brain tumour developing. He immediately had surgery to remove as much of the tumour as possible and his family were told he had a 50% chance to beat the cancer. This tough boy went through 3 stem cell transplants and is now on his sixth chemo treatment. This round is his last chance and they have done all they can do otherwise. His mom was on maternity leave when her son was diagnosed and she has continued to stay at home. His father is working full time to support their family. We were able to help this family by paying for groceries, fuel, parking and credit card expenses, and we were even able to help by paying for some medication bills and paying for a nanny to assist in caring for the other two children.We also received a special donation that was intended specifically for this family, and as a result we were able to pay all the bills mentioned to a tune of $17,000.