Calgary, Alberta

A family that we have helped had their 22-month-old son pass away. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in October of 2011. They were having financial problems at the end of their son’s illness when neither parent was working. Power was cut off last month until a family member loaned them $500. The mom was working at one point but didn’t have enough hours for to qualify for Employment Insurance. They were able to take their son home during the last few months of his battle, which required 24 hour care at home. The father took time off work to assist with the care at home and to be with him during this difficult time before he passed away. This stress has added to their emotional burden. Shortly after he passed away, they found out that the machines they had needed to keep their son at home had caused their utility bill to skyrocket to over $600 a month! We helped this family pay for the back log of their utility bills for $1613.24 and a portion of their funeral costs for $2,000. We hope that this can help the family have less stress about their financial position and start their healing process. Total: $3,613.24