What it is like working at Helping Families (Carson)

(Carson Donaldson pictured left)


When I first started working for Helping Families Handle Cancer, I was not sure what to expect. Was it like every other job I had where I come in, punch the clock, and leave, or would I dread signing in every morning? Thankfully, neither of these was remotely close to being true.

From the first day I began training, I was made to feel like a welcome and important addition to the team. The small group created a warm setting that made it possible to form relationships with each other, reach out when difficulties were encountered, and simply nurtured a sense of belonging.


As this is a charity for childhood cancer, unfortunately, some dark times come with working in this field. But the work we do made me feel like I was making an impact every day, even if I was not directly involved with the children or their families. I was fortunate enough to be a part of many fundraising activities and was humbled to see the wide range of support people offer. From monthly donors, grants, corporate donations, and event organizers, reaching out made the work we did feel impactful. The satisfaction I had when I ended my day has never been matched by a job I’ve held previously, and frankly, any future jobs will be hard-pressed to approach this level of purpose.


…To any potential volunteers or if you were wondering about a summer student position, I cannot recommend it enough. You will never know the impact you have on the people around you unless you put yourself out there. I acquired lifelong skills, friends, and insight into the world that I would not have experienced otherwise. This job will be a memory that I will look back on fondly in the years to come, and I hope that the others who follow in my place have as great of an experience as I did.



Written by: Carson Donaldson (Summer Student/Administrative Assistant)

To make a donation to help families who have a little one battling cancer please visit: https://helpingfamilies.ca/donate