What it is like working at Helping Families (Benson)


Hi everyone! My name is Benson, and I am a new staff member at Helping Families Handle Cancer. I will be working here for the summer as an Administrative Assistant. While it has only been four weeks since I started my journey, I am already enjoying every moment of it! Working with Carie has been an amazing experience so far!

When I found out about this organization through their summer student advertisement, I knew I had to apply because this great cause hits close to home. My aunt, who lives with us, is currently battling cancer (specifically Pituitary Adenoma, a tumor on the pituitary). It has been a couple of years since her diagnosis, but she is still on medication and managing the aftereffects.  I have been helping her through most of her treatment, and it has definitely taken an emotional toll on me because I fear that someday she might not be with us anymore. Our family is also struggling with financial instability, even more so now due to the pandemic, so I can understand the financial burden that comes with battling cancer. I want to be able to make a positive impact on all the families who are going through a similar situation: I believe no family dealing with cancer should have to worry about their next meal or paying their bills, and I am so happy to contribute to a charity that makes things a little easier for them.

During my time here, I have been searching and applying for grants to ensure that we have the funds to provide for our cancer families. Helping Families depends on grants to stay afloat, especially during a pandemic, when public fundraising events have been prohibited. I am glad that there are so many organizations out there willing to donate to charities like ours. Every time I see a grant that our charity is eligible to apply for, I get super excited, as I know it is a chance for us to help more families! Actually, receiving a grant that we applied for is even more exciting! When the pandemic dust settles, I will help our team with organizing and executing events/fundraisers, which I really look forward to.

I have also been helping facilitate payments to families through our Care Program Management System. When an application is sent in from a Social Worker at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, I feel proud to know that we are there to take some stress off a family’s shoulders so that they can spend more time with their brave little warrior.

I am super excited about the work I will be doing in the upcoming weeks, and I hope to continue making a positive impact on all of these families in need!



Written by: Benson Wang (Summer Student/Administrative Assistant)

To make a donation to help families who have a little one battling cancer please visit: https://helpingfamilies.ca/donate